“Veterinary clinic Rivierenbuurt is a modern clinic with a personal touch, committed to delivering top quality service and compassionate care.”

Adhering to the guidelines and principles set by the Feline advisory bureau, the clinic is a ‘cat friendly practice’. It is well equipped with the latest technology in the fields of radiology, laboratory work, dentistry and ultrasound. On top of this, more complex surgeries such as orthopedic operations or laparoscopic sterilizations are possible here, and the clinic also shows a special interest in the diseases and treatment specific to short muzzled breeds (such as bulldogs and pugs).


Manon Koning, Francesco Gianni & Anouk Verbeek

Veterinary technicians

Astrid, Desiree, Jessica, Tessa & Melanie


Dental Health Month

Oral hygiene: best way to keep your animal healthy. This month 20% discount on a professional dental cleaning of your dog or cat

New puppy or kitten?

We'll check if he or she is healthy and we'll give you advice how to keep him strong.

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Rijnstraat 12
1078 RA Amsterdam
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Opening hours

Monday to Friday
9 AM to 7 PM Tuesdays
till 8 PM

9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

What we offer

Digital radiography


Veterinary dentistry

Veterinary dentistry such as professional dental cleaning, extractions, including surgical removal of elements via flap techniques and dental radiography.


Laboratory with most diagnostic tests done in-house.


Drachtecho, hartecho en echo van thorax en abdomen.


Anesthesia tailored to the patient’s needs (high risk, seniors, short muzzled pets) with all patients intubated and vitals signs monitored.


On top of routine surgeries such as spaying and neutering we also perform procedures such as amputations, bladder stone removal, eye corrections (i.e.cherry eye and entropion) more complex intestinal procedures (i.e. foreign body removal, tumor resection etc), orthopedic surgeries (i.e. cruciate ligament repairs, luxated patella repairs, fractures) and specifically for the short muzzled breeds surgeries such as stenotic nare correction and shortening of the soft palate.


Besides an in depth knowledge in general veterinary medicine concerning all pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, we have also dedicated ourselves to specifically developing our knowledge in feline medicine.


Our clinic is a member of the international society for feline medicine (ISFM) and the feline advisory bureau (FAB) and our clinic has expressly been designed to be cat-friendly. Through continuous learning via congresses, courses and seminars, all our staff stay up to date on the latest developments within both veterinary medicine in general and feline medicine in particular.


We treat all forms of skin disease such as ectoparasites, food allergies, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. We also do in house dermal cytology and microscopic skin scrape examinations to allow for speedy diagnosis and treatment.

Short muzzled dogs (i.e. bull dogs and pugs)

As there are a few important features in which these breeds differ from other dogs it is vital that these points are taken into account during the consultation. At our clinic we take special care in recognizing and treating specific diseases particular to these breeds such as entropion, skinfold dermatitis, stenotic nares and brachycephalic obstructive syndrome. We also have a modified anesthesia protocol especially designed for short muzzled dogs and cats to ensure their safety.

Orthopedic surgery

At our clinic we perform procedures such as cruciate ligament repairs, meniscus trauma and patella luxations as well as bone fracture repair in their various presentations.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs

These little pets get the attention they deserve at our clinic. More and more is known regarding the different diseases of these little friends and we pride our selves on being up to date and thus able to diagnose and advise knowledgably.

Preventative Care

We offer junior and senior consultations, puppy and kitten checks, weight loss counseling and a special diabetic clinic, where we guide and aid you through the steps needed to care of your diabetic pet.

We also have programs in aid of the arthritic patient, the patient with bladder disease and stress related behavioral problems, to name a few.

Last but not least, our doors are always open to advise you on the best nutrition for your pet, as well as free dental checks and advice by our veterinary technicians on such things as teeth cleaning.

Pet Insurance

Have you thought about pet insurance? Feel free to ask us about any inquiries you might have. Our staff is happy to help you!

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