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Preventive care

Care plan

We offer a healthcare plan via VetPlan®, an annual subscription for dogs, cats, and their owners. For a fixed monthly fee, your pet receives the preventive care necessary for a long and healthy life. This includes detecting potential health risks at an early stage. 

In addition to necessary vaccinations and health checks, VetPlan® also offers discounts on treatments and products. In short: everything needed to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible! VetPlan® is not insurance and therefore does not provide coverage if your pet suddenly falls ill. If you want to avoid facing unforeseen costs, you should consider getting pet insurance in addition to VetPlan®. If you already have pet insurance that covers preventive care, you can request a claim form from us to submit to your insurance provider.

With VetPlan®, you pay a fixed monthly fee (check our prices here) that is automatically debited from your account. For this amount, your pet receives an annual vaccination, health checks, deworming products, and flea and tick products with a 20 to 30% discount. Additionally, you receive a 10% discount on food, dental cleanings, dental care products, consultations, and nail clipping. During the check-up appointments, you, as the owner, also receive advice on how to prevent problems and diseases yourself. These moments are also suitable for asking questions or discussing concerns you may have. You can choose between VetPlan® Basic and VetPlan® Plus.

Signing up is easy: you fill out the agreement in our clinic and pay the first monthly instalment at the counter. After this the agreed amount is debited from your bank account monthly. For questions or further explanation, you can also contact the practice staff: they will gladly provide you with all the information you need.