Health insurance for your pet

Have you ever thought of what will happen when your pet gets sick? An infection of the teeth, broken leg, heart condition or kidney problem? Almost every condition or disease that humans can have, we also see in animals. Because of better knowledge and new medication and equipment we can treat pets better and better. But, these innovations come with a price tag, and that’s why we think it’s a good idea for every petowner to get an insurance for their pets. The younger your pet is when you start the insurance, the less you’ll pay for the monthly fee! When you choose an insurance, pay good attention to what package you get and what they do and don’t cover.

Like we said earlier: for the preventive care (that most insurances don’t cover) you can get a health care plan at our clinic. When you combine the health care plan with an insurance, you’ll have optimal coverage for the costs of your pet.

Good health insurances for your pet

Take a look at their websites to see the options in packages, benefits and fees! When your kitten is declared healthy by one of our vets, we offer one month free insurance from petplan. This free month will end automatically.

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