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How do I clean my dog’s ears

If your dog’s ears are dirty, it’s best to make an appointment with the vet first. There could be more going on than “just” dirty ears, such as an ear infection caused by bacteria or yeasts, a foreign object (for example a foxtail) or an ear infection that is secondary to an allergy.

A dog’s ear canal is L-shaped and very long. What you can see with the naked eye is only a small part of the ear canal. The vet will be able to look deeper with an otoscope and discuss a treatment plan with you.

Reasons to clean your dog’s ears

  • Removing earwax, dirt and hair so that medication can get to the right place
  • Reducing bacteria and yeasts to proactively prevent ear infections

How to do it

  • Make sure you are in a place that can get dirty
  • Keep plenty of tissues at hand
  • A reward for your dog
  • Pull the ear conch upwards and a little to the side to straighten the ear canal (remember the L-shape)
  • Insert the ear cleaner and/or the ear medicine as deep as possible into the ear canal (you cannot touch the eardrum)
  • For optimal effect, massage the base of the ear canal for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Step back and let the dog shake its head
  • Give your dog a reward