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How to get your cat into the carrier

Getting your cat into their carrier can cause a lot of stress. Not only for the cats but also for the owners. With the tips in this letter we hope to make this event as relaxed as possible for both of you.

  • Don’t ambush your cat by picking it up when it’s still sleeping to put him in the carrier.
  • Pick up your cat gently, don’t ever grab the scruff of the neck, this hurts and causes extra stress.
  • If you’re having trouble getting the cat in the carrier you can put the carrier with the back on the floor, so the “entrance” is facing the ceiling. Place the cat into the carrier with the back legs first. This way they can’t jump out straight away and also makes it hard to grab on to the carrier.
  • You can use Feliway® spray (pheromones to make your cat feel save). Spray a few times half an hour before you have to leave. Don’t spray and immediately put your cat in there.
  • Put the carrier behind your car seat on the floor of the car, so it won’t move or open.
  • For less stress at the vet, make sure you have a carrier where you can take the top off. In this case it’s easy to take the cat out of the carrier and in some cases they can even stay in there, we just take the top off (for example, if we have to clip the nails).

Carrier suitable for cats

Carrier less suitable for cats

Maybe the most important note; make the carrier a regular place in your home. Take the top off, put in a blanket and make sure it becomes a familiar place where your cat loves to be.

Make the carrier a familiar place

The Sleepypod® is especially made to do so. It’s a nice and soft sleeping basket. If you have to leave, just zip the top on and you’re ready to go! If your cat, for example, needs to stay at our clinic multiple days for treatment, it’s nice for them that they can sleep in their own Sleepypod®.