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Preventive care

Yearly or half yearly checkup

Animals cannot speak, and many conditions that dogs and cats experience are not visible externally. Therefore, we recommend annual preventive checks and advise half-yearly check-ups for elderly animals or those with chronic conditions. We can combine these checks with the annual vaccination. 

Owners often assume their pets are fine if they eat well or show joy upon seeing them. Unfortunately, many animals carry painful conditions unnoticed or discovered too late for effective treatment. Cats are especially adept at hiding their problems, often exhibiting subtle symptoms such as increased sleep. Similarly, dogs may conceal ailments, with changes often gradual, leading owners to overlook signs like decreased interest in treats or play. During a check-up, we review a questionnaire with you about behavior, diet, appetite, stools, drinking habits, and activity. We then conduct a thorough examination, assessing posture, movement, coat, ears, skin, nails, anal glands, eyes, nose, teeth, lymph nodes, and anal glands. We listen to the heart and lungs and palpate the abdomen. We’ll share our findings with you and, if necessary, develop a treatment plan together. Of course, it’s also possible that everything is fine, and we can offer advice on optimal care if desired.