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Cat clinic

Cat clinic

We absolutely adore cats and it's natural for us to want to know everything about them. We're not just interested in illnesses and treatments specific to cats, but also in understanding feline behavior nutrition and how to make cats happy. We take pride in being awarded a Silver status Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation by the ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine). 

This accreditation is exclusively for veterinarians specialized in feline medicine and emphasizes a cat-friendly approach in the clinic. Throughout the year, we engage in continuing education in feline medicine and have acquired equipment specifically for cats. As a cat owner, you will notice our cat-friendly approach in how we handle your feline companion. Transporting cats to the clinic can often make them a bit uneasy. Sometimes, they may already be in pain or discomfort due to an illness. All the new scents, sounds, and impressions at the clinic can make your cat more irritable than usual. Being touched by a stranger can be just a bit too much for them.

We allow your cat to roam the examination room and examine them intermittently where they feel most comfortable. Sometimes in their carrier (if it can be opened from the top) and sometimes on the floor or on a soft blanket. We never handle your cat roughly. If your cat still experiences significant fear, making an examination impossible, we prefer to schedule a new appointment where you can administer something calming to your cat. There is a registered medication for cats called Bonqat® that alleviates anxiety without causing excessive drowsiness. You administer this 1.5 hours before placing the cat in the carrier, and it lasts for about 7 hours. Most cats are then cooperative during the examination. Furthermore, we have a separate area in the waiting room for cats, away from dogs. We provide blankets sprayed with a calming pheromone (Feliway®) that you can place over the carrier. This calming pheromone is also dispersed through diffusers in all areas of the clinic. Additionally, our practice has a dedicated space for cat admissions where (alongside Feliway®) a RelaxoPet* is available. The admission units are equipped with cat houses and blankets and, if necessary, are large enough for longer stays.

*RelaxoPet® PRO was developed for unconscious deep relaxation for all cats, especially for sensitive hearing (depending on the environment) and was created in close collaboration with veterinarians, behavior therapists, and breeders.