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We understand how crucial nutrition is for the health and well-being of your beloved pet. We stay informed about the latest insights in nutrition and work closely with Esther Plantinga, the European recognized specialist in pet nutrition in the Netherlands, and her nutrition program, FeedWise. 

  • Does the current diet I provide meet the specific nutritional needs?
  • Is the daily amount of food still appropriate for the current weight and age?
  • How can I ensure responsible growth for my puppy or kitten? How can I help my dog or cat lose weight responsibly?

These are questions for which we can easily find suitable answers with FeedWise. By entering current data into FeedWise regarding breed, age, weight, and current diet, you can receive personalized nutrition advice. This applies to both healthy animals and those with a disease and special nutritional needs. FeedWise also includes specific modules for responsible weight loss or the growth of puppies and kittens. This nutrition advice can apply to food we have on our shelves as well as food we do not sell ourselves but that you feel good about or that your pet simply enjoys. We can provide a simple food calculation for you, or you can schedule a nutrition consultation for more comprehensive advice. For growing puppies, we offer a puppy check with our veterinary nurse. During this check, we monitor the growth curve and tell you exactly how much your puppy should eat.

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